Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoughts on USA vs Netherlands

De jong is a piece of crap for laying down that dirt-McGirt tackle on Holden, a-la last weekend’s Aaron Ramsey leg breaker. It’s a friendly for Christ’s sake.

DMB getting the nod to be subbed on for the injured Holden. Looks like he needs to stock up on some Monster Milk as I think he weighs about a buck-thirty soaking wet.

Robbie Findley is not the answer.

Bornstein brain fart + Sneijder selling the penalty = 1-0 lead for the Dutch.

I don’t know much about Man City’s De Jong, but I have zero respect for him. First that tackle on Holden in a game with absolutely zero consequence and then a comical flop when Beasley didn’t even touch him. It’s stuff like that that ruins games and gives the sport a bad name.

Who is Alejandro Bedoya?? Got his second cap coming in for the invisible Robbie Findley. Almost drew a penalty too.

I hope, for their own sake, that the Dutch pick up their game before South Africa. I was not really impressed with their play. Cheap PK and a deflection for their goals.

With that being said, the Dutch have a really deep roster. For every big name they subbed out, another world class player came in.

Tim Howard is a beast. USA has had some of the best goalkeepers in the past 15 years, no doubt. Keller, Friedel and now Howard. Guzan is a stud too. At least we have one position locked down for a while…

Bocanegra showed his experience and calmly headed in the only USA goal.

USA picked up its play and pressured the Dutch in the last 10-15 minutes with Goodson and Altidore both having good scoring opportunities. It will be interesting when Onyewu, Clark, Dempsey, Feilheber and maybe even Charlie Davies are healthy.

99 days till the big dance….Bring it on South Africa!


Rob Gordon said...

de jong is great. he reminds me of palacios. you can't tell me bradley wasn't running around like a crazy man a couple times. he has to try and secure a spot for the world cup. i don't blame him for going in hard. also, i hope goodson makes the squad. he would be a great sub with 8 minutes left if we are down a goal. we could use him like chelsea used to use huth. throw his tall ass up there while we pump balls into him (this came out homosexual, but you know what i mean).

K. Scifres said...

i agree about Goodson. He is a monster in the air. As far as De Jong goes, I'm all about hustling around and playing hard, but that was a studs up tackle straight at Holden's shin in a friendly. At least he didn't hit him from the side or he might have broken his leg.